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We are getting more and more calls each day from buyers that want to break into affordable Beach Cities real estate, but are worried they may have missed the boat on appreciation. While appreciation is speculative and should never be assumed when purchasing real estate, it is certainly something to consider with the run up we have had in the South Bay over the years. Now that areas in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach west of Sepulveda/PCH are starting to plateau on prices, our buyers are wary that this could happen in hot areas of Redondo Beach where the most affordable housing options exist. Our advice to clients is to put on their “investor cap” and approach their
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The hottest topic in the business world over the past two weeks has been the events happening across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom. On June 23rd, the citizens of the UK voted to leave the European Union sending shock waves throughout Europe and global market places. Being that we are a global economy and California is one of the largest international economies in the world, we thought we would dive into the effects of the Brexit on our local South Bay real estate market.   Although it has only been two weeks since the vote and there are still many uncertainties as to the fall out of the Brexit, three macro-economic factors are coming into
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