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In honor of this past Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and my latest Instagram video post on @richardhaynesrealestate, I thought it would be appropriate to write about a local South Bay “deal of the week.” I don’t usually write a “deal of the week” post as it puts our buying clients at a disadvantage. That being said, there are a few properties in the South Bay that are even better deals than the one I will be writing about today…but I will reserve those for my current clients. The Deal 1410 Goodman Avenue in North Redondo Beach. Listed at $879,000 A legal duplex in Golden Hills Livable square feet of 1,110 A 2-bedroom unit and a 1-bedroom
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Palos Verdes Drive Buying a home on Palos Verdes Drive is always an interesting real estate decision. Does the increased car traffic bother a prospective home buyer? Does the pricing allow buyers to get into an area that is normally unaffordable? How will the future home value be affected by the drive’s connotation? All of these are important things to consider and there is no one-answer-fits-all, especially considering that many sections of the drive have their own unique characteristics. For instance, P.V. Drive North in Rolling Hills Estates has property with a P.V. Drive address, but they are tucked away from The Drive on large estate lots with big homes. While P.V. Drive North homes in
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East Manhattan Beach As Manhattan Beach Sand Section home sales have begun to slow due to high prices, a nearby beneficiary has emerged over the last few years – East Manhattan Beach homes. Buyers have come to realize that East MB offers a suburban feel, sprawling backyards, much more parking, and generally a lot more bang for your buck. Over the last few years, Buyers priced out of the market west of Sepulveda have started to migrate to East MB. These buyers seem to have come out in droves this year and it has created a resounding uptick in prices and sales to the area. East Manhattan Beach Sales Our readers have come to know that
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I have been getting a lot of calls and texts from friends and clients about the new tax reform and how it will affect our real estate market here in the South Bay. So, I am going to blog about the topic and hopefully answer some questions. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act First and foremost, this tax reform is a PROPOSAL known as the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” The proposal has barely been marked-up, the Senate is writing up its own plan, the Democrats will make amendments, and just recently there has been talk of including the repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate in the tax bill. The proposal then has to be
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Millennials An online survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Nerd Wallet recently found that millennial parents (ages 18-34) are “supersavers.” Other interesting findings shared in the report… • Among employed millennial parents, 38% contribute MORE than 15% of their income to retirement savings. • Very few are not saving anything; only 7% save nothing (compared to 18% of baby boomer parents). • If their savings rate continues, millennial parents could be setting themselves up to retire with $1 million more than baby boomer parents and $400,000 more than Generation X parents. Another statistic I found impressive, was that the median millennial parent saves 10% of their annual income. That is substantial compared to other
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