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If you read the title and thought, “Well, if the sale was not in Manhattan Beach then it must be the $40,000,000  home on Buggy Whip Drive in Rolling Hills.” That is a good guess but nope, not even close! Hermosa Beach? Nope. Redondo Beach? Getting warmer… The answer is Torrance. The Record Sale Last month, 417 Paseo de la Playa, Redondo Beach 90277 sold for a record $22,650,000. But wait, I thought you said Torrance, Richard? It is in Torrance! The property sits in an area little written about in my blog, but very much a South Bay location, known as Hollywood Riviera. This sub-market (area 128 on the MLS) is within the city of
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If you tuned-in to our live podcast with DIGS Magazine last week, you probably heard me strongly recommending a purchase of an income property before buying your own home. Why? The numbers alone prove income properties to be the better financial move. If you are motivated by money, then you should really consider buying units in the South Bay rather than a single-family home. I am an owner of multiple income properties and choose to rent my primary residence because the numbers pencil that way. My sweet fiancée has even agreed to move into a duplex, triplex, etc. as our first home purchase…with some contingencies of course (like watching Real Housewives every night for the rest
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…That is the question. It is a question I get from my clients repeatedly. The answer? Well, sometimes it is the right call, but oftentimes it is not. Manhattan Beach Case Study To demonstrate this age old new construction quandary, let’s look at some properties in Manhattan Beach, as it is the epicenter of new construction in the South Bay. These examples can also be applied to areas like The Avenues in South Redondo, town homes in Hermosa Beach, remodels in Palos Verdes, and more. Let’s start with East Manhattan Beach. 1467 3rd Street (5-beds, 5-baths, 4,472 sq. ft., 7,466 sq. ft lot) Sold for $2,631,000 Built in 1999 1540 Curtis Avenue (5-beds, 5-baths, 4,400 sq.
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What is a Transaction Coordinator? Hi All! I am taking over Richard’s South Bay Real Estate Blog for the week. For those who don’t know me, I am the behind the scenes gal that you don’t see much, but I am always busy doing something at Manhattan Pacific Realty. I am Richard’s Transaction Coordinator. What is a Transaction Coordinator (TC) you might ask? A Transaction Coordinator is a real estate professional who manages all the disclosures, paperwork, and deadlines involved in a real estate transaction. They are trained in the selling and buying process, and track the progress of a transaction from the opening of escrow until closing. Why is a Transaction Coordinator Important to You?
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