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It is fun for just about anyone to look at beautiful Strand home listings for sale. Most onlookers drool over the homes while walking by with their coffee, glancing over the multi-million dollar asking prices without giving much thought and think to themselves…“maybe someday.” But, if you are actually in the market for a home on The Strand, then I am sure you are watching prices a lot more closely than others. And, if your focus is on Hermosa Beach Strand homes, then you would know that today property values are getting hammered. The Poster Child: 60 The Strand To start off this blog, I want to share the story of 60 The Strand that sold
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For the last few years, I have taken great pride in writing a South Bay real estate blog post each and every week. I have made it a priority to post during the busiest times for our company while serving our clients, posting over the holiday season, and yes, even posting over my wedding/honeymoon month (I pre-wrote those blogs). This week, I am throwing in the towel and giving myself the grace of missing one post for the first time in a very long time. On July 9th, Nicole and I welcomed in our first child, baby boy March Haynes. We have never known a love like this until March entered our world. March’s birth has
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In January, I wrote a blog post titled “South Bay Home Resales to Watch Closely,” which broke down the fastest and most accurate ways to analyze the real estate market. This blog post took homes that had sold just a short while ago and that were put back on the market with no improvements made. Below, I have shared the results of these sales, but for a full understanding, be sure to read the past blog here. Home Results 416 South Guadalupe Avenue in South Redondo Original Sales Price: $834,000 in March 2017 New Sales Price: $949,000 in April 2019 This sale is a big win for the Sellers and shows the market going higher. With
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If you have been following my blog for over a year, then you probably have come to learn that I tend to write about the market slowing down during the holidays and the Summer months. When the Fourth of July hits, you get a double whammy. A lot of people skip town this weekend and take real estate a lot less seriously until the Fall. The absolutely best time to score an awesome real estate deal, in my opinion, is between mid-November and mid-January during the holiday season. But what is the second best time? No question, for me, it is between July and August. And, with a long Fourth of July weekend this year, it
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