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Redondo Beach is a city with a plethora of real estate options. There is property on the water, property with easy access to freeways, and everything in between. From condos to town homes to single-family homes, Redondo Beach has a wide variety of every asset class at virtually every price point. It truly has a little something for everyone. If you have been a buyer hunting for a condo in South Redondo, options are everywhere. There are small condo complexes and large condo complexes throughout town. I am almost certain that during your hunt you have run into listings in one of the “mega-condo” complexes, as I like to call them. The two “mega-condo” complexes I
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Rent control is now a reality for the residents of California as the recent passing of AB 1482 has become the hottest topic in real estate. If you missed last week’s blog post,”The South Bay Real Estate Market is Now Rent-Controlled,” be sure to check it out here for some of the main points. If you would like a deeper dive into the nitty gritty of AB 1482, take a look at the full bill here. So, after a weekend to review and gather my thoughts on how this new law will affect landlords and tenants, I now present to you my unscientific thoughts on how things will shake out. For those of you that know
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It is not 100% official, but California Assembly Bill 1482, which will create statewide rent control throughout California, has been approved by the State Senate and Legislature. Governor Gavin Newsome has pledged he will sign the bill, making the new rent control law effective throughout California in a matter of days. This new law is a resounding victory for tenant advocates and a disappointing loss to landlords. As a result, the South Bay real estate market is now rent-controlled. This is a new way of life for the local real estate community and it will take time for all to adjust to the new laws. Since this is massive breaking news for California real estate, I
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The title of this post is a matter of opinion but it is tough to argue to the contrary. Armed with single-family homes, large lots, and some of the best schools in Southern California, Palos Verdes homes are offering an incredible bang for your buck today. If you know where to look and have some patience, you can land yourself a fabulous deal relative to the beach city markets. And in some cases, a better value compared to inland real estate markets too. This blog will break down some really fantastic deals that are tough to beat anywhere else in the South Bay. I will also highlight some current listings that have the potential to be
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