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The Palos Verdes Peninsula is known for its single-family homes and suburban location. Prices here in many cases can be more affordable than the beach cities, but it is still not cheap! If you are looking to make a move to Palos Verdes but do not need the larger single-family home just yet, the condo listings throughout The Hill present HUGE value relative to single-family home prices in the area. There are condo options at a fraction of the cost to homes on the Hill and these can be a great starter option for buyers on a budget looking for a lot of bang for their buck. Rolling Hills Estates Condos Rolling Hills Estates has the
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The Manhattan Beach Sand Section has been the poster child of the incredible price appreciation in Southern California real estate since the Great Recession. New construction and spec building have been one of the main drivers in the Sand Section’s price growth and the new builds just keep on coming. Just about four years ago it seemed that anything brand new received multiple offers no matter how crazy the price. Today, that has changed a bit. Manhattan Beach buyers still crave new construction, but are now demanding more reasonable pricing in-line with comparable sales. As a result of this change, some spec offerings have been forced to cut prices and have been racking up months, if
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I get comments on my blog posts all the time. The strange world of social media and the internet seem to find a way to bring us together, good and bad. I am constantly surprised everyday on how my posts can inspire the best and the worst out of people. All I can do is be thankful people are reading and try to respond as professionally as possible. As the blog has matured, I am happy to report that the comments and responses have gotten more and more positive. Just over the past two weeks is a sampling of readers that made my day: Email: “Really good article. Well thought out, well communicated, excellent and balanced
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The South Bay is unquestionably huge. Depending on how you calculate the boundaries of the South Bay, it is over 100 square miles with a population of over one million people. How do I determine a South Bay city or neighborhood? If the Daily Breeze covers it, then that is enough to be included in the South Bay. Many of you know the focus of the blog is normally Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach. For some readers, the blog’s market coverage is too narrow, and for others, it is too wide. For me as a writer and real estate broker, focusing on these four cities is what I can handle without stretching
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This week’s blog is a blend between two blog posts that have received positive feedback. The two posts are: North Redondo Tall & Skinny Home Appreciation Has Been Unstoppable Which South Redondo Beach Large Condo Complex is a Better Value? The feedback was twofold: North Redondo tall & skinny homes are a hot topic for our readers A lot of readers enjoyed the breakdown between two options and how to consider each of them This brings me to my blended topic for the week: East Hermosa Beach Tall & Skinny Homes vs. North Redondo Beach Tall & Skinny Homes. Yes, Hermosa Beach has tall & skinny homes too. In fact, a lot of them. And no,
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