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Every six to 12 months I will check-in on marketplaces that have easily comparable home types. The apples-to-apples comparison helps to showcase growth or deceleration in certain areas and is helpful to study on occasion. One of my favorite markets to stop-by is the North Redondo submarket of Golden Hills. More specifically, “tall & skinny” homes within the Golden Hills area. Thanks to the pandemic driving all sorts of different blogs and data in 2020, I have failed to cover the “tall & skinny” market of late. The last time I wrote about the submarket was in June of 2019 and you can see a link to that post below. I will be taking some of
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The South Bay real estate market keeps on humming in 2021… With most beach city and Palos Verdes hill pockets seeing prices up 10% or more, as referenced in my past blog here, as well as historically low inventory, which I covered in another blog post here, there seems to be nothing stopping the strength in our local markets. The strength even includes “ultra-luxury” home sales that can take months, or even years to sell. Now, what qualifies as “ultra-luxury” in the South Bay? I have no clue. But for the purposes of this post, I am defining it as any sale $9 million or higher. Let’s look at some past history for South Bay sales
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We are officially home with our second baby boy, Reece, and very thankful to have such a wonderful newborn. And, while our parenting skills are a lot more seasoned, no matter which way you slice it, our house is an absolute circus competing with two kids under two. Much like our home, the South Bay residential real estate market has turned into a bit of a circus as well. If you are in the market looking for a home, know someone searching for a home, or just like to follow the market closely…the circus consists of new home listings garnering insane amounts of showings and offers. “There is no inventory!” A currently popular saying heard literally
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Over the past five years, I have been committed to writing a South Bay real estate blog post each and every week. I have made the blog a top priority, posting during the holiday season and even during the busiest times here at Manhattan Pacific Realty. My wife even had to deal with me posting a blog the week of our wedding and during our honeymoon (for the most part, the blogs were written beforehand, thankfully). The one time the blog was thrown out the window was with the birth of our first son, March. Well, this week, my wife Nicole and I welcomed our second baby boy, Reece Haynes, into the world. Our hearts are
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