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We are proud and honored to report that the Manhattan Pacific Realty team is seeing a busy start to the fourth quarter. Many thanks to all of our clients and readers who put their trust in us. In the coming week you can expect a new podcast taking a deeper dive into Q3 South Bay home numbers, a blog post on SB9 and SB10, and a newsletter going to press for those of you on our snail mail list. This week’s blog will be a quick one, and a little out of character for the normal blog, as I will break down two personal new listings. Let’s get right to it… Special Lunada Bay Charmer in
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We have officially concluded the third quarter of 2021 and I am excited to share the latest numbers driving the South Bay home market on this week’s blog. If you remember the previous quarterly update (Q2 of 2021), I talked about how Q1 and Q2 of 2021 were expected to be extremely strong due to “easy comps” from 2020 during the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. For reference, take a look at last quarter’s blog here: “Second Quarter South Bay Home Data Illustrate Pandemic Buying Frenzy” Reading last quarter’s blog, you will see that I thought Q3 and Q4 will be the key data to tell us where this market is going. I have been eagerly
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If there is one thing that I have learned over the past 15 years in real estate, it is to “follow the money.” And no, I do not mean “follow the money” like trying to bust a political scandal made famous by the film “All the President’s Men” in 1976. I mean “follow the money” by watching what professional investors, developers, and big REIT money managers are doing in local real estate markets. Those investors can offer early indicators on the future of a market and if big gains might be had in changing areas. Following these fellow real estate pros has given me a heads-up on areas to get in front of to capitalize on
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