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The hottest topic in residential real estate right now: Interest Rates! It is such a trending topic that not only did I devote a full post to it last week, but also I am also writing a redux for this week! There is a lot to unpack from a data standpoint, along with anecdotal evidence and my own subjective opinion. If you missed last week’s post, I suggest you read it here: “Interest Rates are Surging; Is the South Bay Home Market Set to Cool?” This will allow you to more deeply understand how interest rates have affected California real estate prices in the past. Spoiler Alert – Below is a quick Cliffs Notes from last
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About every two to three years, the home market’s most trending topic is interest rates. This has happened every couple of years in recent memory because home mortgage rates have moved up or down significantly, which in turn affects buyer’s payments in a meaningful way. If you know me, I predictably get annoyed hearing radio advertisements from lenders, local Realtors making commentary, and anyone else who has not done their homework. It goes like this: Rising Rate Environment: “Interest rates are rising; hurry up and buy before they go even higher!” Falling Rate Environment: “Rates are falling to lows; hurry up and buy before they go up!” It frustrates the heck out of me because interest
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The first quarter numbers for 2022 are here and I am excited to share them with you. This is one of the most incredible home markets real estate professionals have seen in the South Bay. The insatiable demand for homes, rising prices, and few homes for sale make for one of the greatest seller markets of all-time. What is so exciting about finally getting to Q1 of 2022 is that we are officially past “easy comps” from 2020 where market statistics were whacky thanks to a novel virus and stay-at-home orders. Today’s blog gets to explore Q1 of 2022 versus Q1 of 2021, which is a tough set of comparables. Any strength beyond 2021’s numbers will
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For the first time over the better part of six years, I missed a weekly real estate blog post. I am quite confident that no one cares! But, this weekly blog is something that I am proudly committed to for my business, where I can offer free insight that digs deeper into the nuances of the South Bay home market. On two occasions over the past six years, readers received an announcement of the birth of a son, but outside of that, it was all real estate related, each and every week for just about six years straight. Weddings, honeymoon, vacations be damned – a blog must be done! I consider myself lucky enough to have
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