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If you scroll news stories, Instagram Reels, or listen to podcasts – it is hard to not get buried in the shifting home market reports across the country. Without question there is a market shift occurring just by feeling out demand for listings if you are a full-time agent. That said, typically, residential real estate changes very slowly, especially to the downside. Due to the emotions experienced by both buyers and sellers, the residential real estate market moves in mysterious ways. A rising market, in my humble opinion, can accelerate faster than a slower market. Why? Buyers are willing to pay more due to lack of inventory, etc. while sellers are glad to accept an all-time
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There is a lot of shifting to cover each week in the blog thanks to rapidly changing home submarkets, mortgage rates, and sentiment around the economy. It has not been since the Coronavirus stay-at-home orders where I truly feel like there has been so much to analyze amidst quite a bit of uncertainty. Summer 2020 until May 2022 was just a straight fervor of demand and appreciation in our South Bay real estate market. While the May statistics do not suggest any slowing in our local South Bay home market, perception and confidence has certainly changed among agents and clients. See more on last week’s blog post for May market info: “Hot Topics: South Bay Home
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We are back to consistent blogs again! I have so much information to share that the plan this week is to kill two birds with one stone. The hot topics – South Bay home market shifts and rising interest rates – are going to get covered this week and I will dive deeper into them in my upcoming podcasts. Unfortunately, my lingering cold has turned into a sore throat with laryngitis-type symptoms. You really do not want to hear my voice, so there will be no new podcast episode next week. That said, I might do a big recording dump of three podcasts all within days so you can listen to multiple topics as you choose.
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I sound like a broken record over the weeks, but I really hate missing blogs! The combination of the busiest year on record, a short holiday week, and battling never-ending sicknesses with our little ones has forced us to put the blog, podcast, and other informational aspects of the business on hold. Our current listings and buyer clients come first but the blog, podcast, etc. will return soon with loads and loads of information. I promise! The hot topics still remain in our local markets. If you missed the summary of those, please take a look at the last blog: “Hot Topics in the South Bay Home Market“ Mortgage rates are still high but have subsided
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