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For this week’s blog post, I am going back to sharing some specific sub-market content before we head into analyzing the election results next week. Tucked into a small cul-de-sac between Palos Verdes Drive North and Silver Spur Road is a small street on the border of Palos Verdes Estates and Rolling Hills Estates named Rolling Meadows Road. There are a mere 29 homes with a Rolling Meadows Road address. In 2015 and 2016, there were five home sales that occurred on this one street representing a relatively large turnover that accounted for 17% of Rolling Meadows Road home inventory. For the next three years, 2017-2019, there was not one sale that occurred on this street.
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The new year is just beginning, and the early trends of 2020 will start to reveal themselves in the next couple of weeks. This week I wanted to give a broad-brush stroke of the Palos Verdes Hill. If you read last week’s blog, you know that South Bay median prices are down year-over-year. In case you missed it, you can read the past blog here. Also, a few months ago I wrote a blog post titled, “Palos Verdes Luxury Property: Years to Sell & Huge Discounts,” so for those who read that blog, you would know that many Palos Verdes luxury properties are having a tough time selling. To reiterate last week’s information, when you split
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The Palos Verdes Peninsula is known for its single-family homes and suburban location. Prices here in many cases can be more affordable than the beach cities, but it is still not cheap! If you are looking to make a move to Palos Verdes but do not need the larger single-family home just yet, the condo listings throughout The Hill present HUGE value relative to single-family home prices in the area. There are condo options at a fraction of the cost to homes on the Hill and these can be a great starter option for buyers on a budget looking for a lot of bang for their buck. Rolling Hills Estates Condos Rolling Hills Estates has the
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The title of this post is a matter of opinion but it is tough to argue to the contrary. Armed with single-family homes, large lots, and some of the best schools in Southern California, Palos Verdes homes are offering an incredible bang for your buck today. If you know where to look and have some patience, you can land yourself a fabulous deal relative to the beach city markets. And in some cases, a better value compared to inland real estate markets too. This blog will break down some really fantastic deals that are tough to beat anywhere else in the South Bay. I will also highlight some current listings that have the potential to be
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I have really enjoyed writing investment-themed blog posts for my readers this month. So, I wanted to continue the theme and share some great buys that have occurred this summer. The average residential real estate buyer does not know how to properly underwrite a great deal. Oftentimes, your typical buyer will purchase, hold onto their property, and then hope their house is worth far more the next time they call their agent. I am going to break down some of the best deals in a few South Bay areas, so it can help in your search to know if you have yourself a great purchase. Below are what I believe to be some of the best
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With multiple requests to write about “The Lanes” in Rolling Hills Estates, here you have it! The city of Rolling Hills Estates is tricky as the city boundaries spread over five MLS areas. Today’s blog will cover the largest portion (about 70%) of Rolling Hills Estates – the Palos Verdes (P.V.) Drive North MLS area. Before we get started, check out my Palos Verdes page to view the mapped boundaries of the entire Hill and respective MLS areas. Also, check out the P.V. Drive North page to learn more about the neighborhoods discussed today. Masongate The Masongate area is highly coveted for its large lots in its small, quiet pocket of the Palos Verdes Hill. Sitting
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