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Who’s HOT Manhattan Beach New Construction This is no secret but Manhattan Beach has been on a new construction kick. Buyers in this city tend to be high-income earners and want to focus on their business, not remodeling a home. Although East Manhattan Beach was down as a whole, new construction prices continued to make record highs even to this day. That being said, Liberty Village is setting new records for itself as well. The Tree Section was flat in 2018 and although new construction has slowed slightly, people are still picking up new builds at a strong pace. The Hill Section poses a lot of risks for spec builders, so when a newer well-done home
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Palos Verdes is BIG. With four cities and unincorporated county areas, there is a lot of ground to cover on The Hill. In this week’s blog, I will attempt to give you a summary of what is happening on the PV Peninsula. Singly-Family Homes Under $1.5 Million are Hot The PV home market under $1.5 million continues to be very hot. With entry-level homes scarce and Millennials coming of age, many buyers are looking to The Hill to get an affordable home with a nice backyard and fantastic schools (and parking!). From January 2017 to January 2018, there were 380 single-family home sales under $1.5 million in all of Palos Verdes. That is almost 32 home
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This week I wanted to highlight some notable sales up on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. There were record highs and record lows set in Lunada Bay, along with some interesting movement in Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates in the past month. Record High Let’s start with the second highest recorded MLS sale on the entire P.V. Hill…ever. The long time Toyota Motor Sales owned property at 1721 Paseo Del Mar in Lunada Bay was listed for $13.9 million and took only 38 days to find a buyer. Not only did it sell quickly for a home in that price range, but it received full price with only a $60,000 termite and repair credit. It will
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