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It is obvious that South Bay homes are expensive. It is even more obvious that South Bay homes with ocean views are outrageously expensive. View Homes and Price Per Square Foot If you want a view in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, or a home on Redondo Beach’s famous Esplanade, be prepared to pay well over $1,000 a square foot for these coveted properties. As you head up into the Palos Verdes Peninsula, you start to find view homes where the price per square foot (PPSF) starts to ease. For example, lower Malaga Cove has had some offerings that feel like a bargain compared to the Beach Cities. Take a look at some recent sales for instance…
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Some of the most desirable real estate in all of the South Bay, maybe even all of Los Angeles County, exists atop the Palos Verdes (P.V.) bluffs. The combination of privacy, big views, and the sound of waves crashing is virtually unmatched in Southern California. A majority of these bluff top homes are located in Lunada Bay. That said, Malaga Cove, West Palos Verdes, and even the Palos Verdes (P.V.) Drive South areas have a few fabulous bluff properties to offer from time to time. 2017 Bluff Sales Probably the most fruitful year of recent memory for bluff sales was 2017. The old Toyota Motor Sales home that had been owned by the company since 1988
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