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The cost of construction in the South Bay has skyrocketed over the past few years. Much of what I have observed cannot be quantified with market statistics, but through my own experiences with flipping homes and developing from the ground up over the past nine years.  The “feel” of rising costs in the South Bay along with other factors nationally and statewide could have an impact on South Bay real estate prices in the next couple of years. South Bay Construction Increases In 2013, I built a spec home on The Avenues for about $175/sf. Over the years, my five additional spec projects have steadily climbed but if I was to go back to the first
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Have you ever thought about renting out your home to make some extra cash? I know many of my South Bay clients have. This week I want to share my advice on the notion of renting out single-family homes in the South Bay. Now, I am not a financial adviser or a CPA so always be sure to consult with your team of professionals to understand your individual financial situation. I am offering my opinion after 10 years of practicing real estate investment and brokerage. Renting in the South Bay I am constantly left befuddled month after month seeing homes go up for rent by the beach and up on The P.V. Hill. In many cases,
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On September 27, 2016, two new bills (AB 2299 and SB 1069) were approved by Governor Jerry Brown. These new state-wide laws direct California cities to allow Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU), commonly known as “granny flats” or “in-law suites,” to existing parcels zoned as single family residences and multi-unit dwellings. The New Law The law is meant to address California’s housing shortage and ease the weight of surging rent and home prices throughout the state. In a nutshell, the law now prohibits parking requirements (and other restrictions) used by cities to prevent ADUs, along with greatly reducing fees to install utilities that can sometimes reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Up until now, the
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It is pretty uncommon to find a beach pad for under $1 million these days. Manhattan, Hermosa, and south Redondo Beach have all had a spectacular price run over the last few years making it difficult for first-time and second home buyers to get in by the South Bay sand. If you can only afford below $1 million, fear not, there are still options that exist! They are just few and far between. And if South Bay beach real estate continues its climb over the next few years, then these options might cease to exist. Between MB, HB, and SoRo there are only 17 active listings available with a price below $1 million. Let’s take a
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We visited a property last week in Redondo Beach that could be quite a compelling purchase for buyers currently living in a 1-bedroom or studio apartment close to the beach. Take a look at 522 S. Broadway in south Redondo, a duplex in need of some TLC from a motivated buyer. This property stands out because it is west of Pacific Coast Hwy close to the proposed Redondo Pier redevelopment, and is listed well below $1 million. For some perspective in south Redondo, the last marketed MLS residential income property below $1 million west of Pacific Coast Hwy was way back in May of 2012 at 227 Avenue B at $915,000. Now there are multiple reasons this property
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If you read our blog from Tuesday, you caught a glimpse of median sales for Redondo Beach single-family homes in 2015. Today, we wanted share town home and condo median sales for those of you looking for more affordable options. Below you will find a general overview of Redondo Beach median sales from this past year in order to give you a better understanding of what to expect if you plan to buy or sell this year. We are starting with the overall city median sale followed by the median sales in north and south Redondo Beach. Take a look…   Overall Median Sale – $761,500 (Median Average)     606 North Guadalupe Avenue F – $760,000 (1,304 sq
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