1. Manhattan Beach
  2. Sand Section

Permanent vacation; these few words define the feeling evocative of living in the Manhattan Beach Sand Section. This section offers the rare opportunity for an authentic pedestrian lifestyle. Everything is easily accessible; the beach and ocean, specialty shopping like the famous butcher-Manhattan Meat Market, the flower market, restaurants, and entertainment. One can choose to park the car on Friday after work and not get back in until Monday morning; ideal for those seeking a retreat from the daily grind.

While yards are sparse, views are not. Stretched elegantly along the coast from El Porto to the Hermosa Beach border, sprawling white water views can be had from most homes in this section of Manhattan Beach. Typically, homes are three stories and built on a reverse floor plan to maximize Read More ocean views for relishing life with family and friends in this very social neighborhood.

Life on the Strand is a dream realized where nothing comes between you and the dazzling sea. Homes here enjoy unobstructed views from Palos Verdes to Malibu, and while paying a premium for this proximity to the sea, a beach for one’s backyard is rather priceless.

Just beyond the Strand are what are commonly known as the “Walk Streets”. What is basically a wide sidewalk; these pedestrian-only streets are closed off to traffic, and lined with homes that typically have large street-level patios opening onto the walk street. These sub-communities are very social where one can enjoy a glass of wine with a friendly neighbor relaxing outdoors almost any day of the week. Children have more freedom to scamper about safely; meanwhile, adults dash down the street with a surfboard in hand to catch the next epic wave.

Homes on the flat walk streets in South Manhattan Beach are often built on more of a traditional floor plan with the kitchen and entertaining spaces on the bottom floor to easily access the walk street. Holidays like Halloween are especially fun in these areas. Entire blocks of residence will participate in the joy of entertaining guests together and share in the festivities while engaging with friendly neighbors.

In North Manhattan Beach, the walk streets get longer as Highland Avenue moves northward. These walk streets often curve slightly with the land and are identified for their “Gas Light” nickname due to the quintessential Gas Lights built throughout several of the streets. The streets here tend to be steeper, but offer more privacy because of it. The sunset views from these locations are some of the best, and unlike most of the South Bay, residents here enjoy views with no power-lines.

The heart of Manhattan Beach is its lively downtown area at the center of the Sand Section between Ardmore Avenue to the Pacific Ocean. The quaint town is home to famous restaurants like MB Post, historical spots like the bar Eurcoles that serves up one of the best burgers around, or the ever lively Nick’s in the Metlox Center. Another space for local sun seekers to linger throughout the day, the aforementioned Metlox as it’s locally known. This charming plaza is filled with restaurants, shops, and the Shade Hotel. This spot also hosts the weekly farmer’s market and various other actives and events throughout the year.

The downtown Sand Section’s social counterpoint in the El Porto neighborhood is known as simply North Manhattan which maintains its own local’s scene. Home to long-standing Pancho’s restaurant where the best margarita in town can be enjoyed while watching the game after a long day on the beach. This surfing mecca of Manhattan Beach also claims other great eateries, fantastic yoga studios, and boutiques along Highland Avenue that serve the Sand Section and the Tree Section. Read Less

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