A staged home feels welcoming to prospective buyers, and in the competitive South Bay market, showing a staged property isn’t just necessary, it’s now expected. From existing homes to spec homes, using a professional staging company or simply taking some essential steps to staging your own home will pay off by preparing your space to be inviting and relative to the modern buyer.

Staging helps connect a space with the potential buyer, and in the end, attributes to reduced time on the market and selling the home. The connection made typically results in a higher selling price due to the emotional aspect staging can have. Therefore, solidify the connection by allowing each space to express its individual function, and coupling that with an inviting and clean environment can make the viewer feel at home.

The first step is to depersonalize and declutter the entire home. Start by removing family photos, the kid’s finger paintings, and other items that are more personal, this way potential buyers may visualize themselves living in the space. Next, declutter all the surfaces, walls, and hallways. Clearing paperwork, mail, and magazines from tables, counters, and desks as well as minimizing wall decor and kitschy items allow a room to breathe. Likewise, store away kids’ toys, clear walkways, and pathways of excess distractions.

Like decluttering, organizing closets, cabinets, pantries, and other storage areas help potential buyers see the possibility of storing their items and how their lives can fit into a space. Think chic-boutique and try to make closets and pantries feel like a nice designer shop with matching baskets and storage containers. Also, add items like closet dividers for displaying handbags and jewelry for that upscale shop-feel.

Next, is maximizing space. One way to maximize the illusion of a larger space is to float furniture away from walls. Also, grouping furniture into conversation areas helps with flow and demonstrates how the room can easily function. Some interesting grouping ideas could be to create a space for leisure activities like painting or playing a musical instrument. This helps your home stand out in the potential buyers’ mind when they leave the property.

Lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere when showing a home to potential buyers. Simple touches like pairing table lamps in an updated style onto a buffet table, or on both sides of the bed in the master suite create balance and a fresh look. Also, updating pendant lamps with soft light feels more comforting compared to harsh overhead lighting during a showing. Likewise, replacing canned lighting with updated LED lights is relatively inexpensive and makes a huge difference throughout a home.

The kitchen and bath are always a top priority for buyers, but sometimes a remodel isn’t in the budget. Therefore, making easy updates like changing drawer pulls and lighting can help refresh the look in these spaces. Other fixes like painting dated cabinets in crisp white and updating the tile make these areas feel more relevant. Less is more in a kitchen, so minimize the visibility of mixers, cookbooks, and kitschy items. Instead, opt for a matching set up canisters and allow these spaces to feel open and free. For the bath, add spa-like touches with candles, pretty hand-towels, and updated accessories.

Finally, consider hiring a professional staging company to stage your home if the budget allows. Professional stagers can decorate with a full range of furniture, or simply refresh with artwork, throw pillows, and accessories. In the end, a properly staged home will create an inviting, comfortable, clean atmosphere potential buyers will remember.